Fisher & Paykel



F&P Vitera was designed with you in mind, to provide you with effective therapy and comfort throughout the night, every night. Featuring technologies that work together to provide breathability, adaptability and stability throughout the night.

The RollFit™ XT cushion allows the mask to dynamically adapt as patients move during the night, keeping the seal in place and reducing pressure on the bridge of the nose. The cushion shape has been designed to fit a wide range of face shapes, and to minimize leaks into the eyes.
fewer facial marks with AirFit F30 than with
traditional full face masks.

Adjustable headgear Easy adjustment to secure the best fit.
Removable forehead clip Rids patients of annoying ‘tangling’ headgear.
VisiBlue™ color cues Assisting mask use through blue highlight features.
Headgear clips Added security throughout the night.

93% of patients rated Vitera as equally or more stable than their usual mask.

90% of patients rated the Vitera as equally or more comfortable on the face compared with their usual mask.

88% of patients could sleep in their preferred sleep position throughout the night.