Airfit F40

Airfit F40

AirFit™ F40 is a minimal-contact full face mask that rests softly yet securely under your nose and is designed to let you sleep in any position and move freely throughout the night.

Less is more with ResMed’s smallest tube-down full face mask.  Whether you’re new to PAP therapy, or just looking for a new mask, AirFit F40 may be perfect for you if you need the performance of a full face mask but want the comfort of an UltraCompact design. The low-profile, soft silicone AdaptiSeal™ cushion adapts to your face, helping provide comfort all night long.
fewer facial marks with AirFit F30 than with
traditional full face masks.

The mask contains magnets that may interfere with certain implants or medical devices. Please refer to the Support documents for complete labelling information, including magnet contraindications and warnings.

• 100% of patients surveyed achieved seal and comfort in a ResMed external clinical study.

• AirFit F40 is ResMed’s smallest tube-down full face mask.

• Magnetic clips and fewer adjustment points make it easy to snap on and off.

• In an external ResMed clinical study, 100% of patients surveyed found AirFit F40 overall easy to use.

Resmed Airfit F40 Support Documents